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Senior Executive Assistant

Carmel Mohi

Carmel has been an integral part of WMS since 2009, bringing with her 6 years of prior professional experience. As an executive assistant and joint manager of the WMS support team, Carmel provides unparalleled support to clients and staff. Her dedication and efficiency ensure that operations run smoothly and that the team always has the resources they need.


Her contributions to WMS have not gone unnoticed. Carmel has previously been honoured with the Cultural Awards for “Shoot Straight” and “One Team,” showcasing her commitment to transparency and teamwork. Additionally, in 2023 she received the esteemed Petris Lapis coaching award, further highlighting her dedication to professional and personal development.


Beyond her primary responsibilities, Carmel has been actively involved in various committees at WMS. She has previously contributed to the WOT, Social Committee, and Security Committee. Currently, she serves as a Fire Warden, ensuring the safety and well-being of her colleagues.

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