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Ishita Shah

Ishita is a Supervisor at WMS, having joined the firm in 2020. Prior to her tenure at WMS, she accumulated over 7 years of career experience in diverse finance and legal sectors.


Ishita’s impressive academic portfolio boasts of qualifications from prominent universities both in India and Australia. In 2017, she earned a Master of Professional Accounting from Southern Cross University, Australia. Her academic journey in India was marked with a Bachelor of Law from Mumbai University in 2013, Chartered Secretary (Specialisation in Company Law) from the Institute of Company Secretaries India in 2012, a Master of Commerce in 2010, and a Bachelor of Commerce in 2008, both from Mumbai University.


Ishita’s exemplary academic record has earned her numerous accolades, including the title of International Student Ambassador at Southern Cross University for 2016-2017, and representing Gold Coast as the Mayor’s Student Ambassador during the same period.


At WMS, Ishita predominantly focuses on overseas significant global entities, handling complex matters such as compliance and consulting for controlled foreign companies. She has provided invaluable expertise in areas including assisting with the sale of businesses, working with agricultural entities in the farming sector, staffing industry entities with foreign subsidiaries, and navigating the dynamic world of startup entities in the AI industry.


In 2015, Ishita embarked on a transformative journey, moving from India to Gold Coast to pursue her master’s in accounting. Immediately post-graduation in 2017, she dived headfirst into the accounting industry, starting as a graduate accountant with a boutique firm in Gold Coast. This journey eventually led her to WMS, where she continues her professional ascent.


Beyond her career, Ishita is a global citizen at heart, having lived in three different countries. This multicultural exposure has cultivated her extroverted nature and positive outlook towards life. Unfazed by change, she’s always ready for the next adventure. Making friends and immersing herself in diverse cultures also fuels her culinary love, making her a food enthusiast who’s always eager to explore new flavours.


Joining WMS working for Matthew Shoobridge, Ishita continues to embrace challenges, make lasting connections, and contribute significantly to the ever-evolving world of finance and business consultancy.

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