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Rebecca Radich

Rebecca Radich is a manager at WMS. Since joining the firm in 2017, Rebecca has been an invaluable member of the team, working for Partner Ben Dean.


Rebecca’s academic foundation is grounded in a Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University, which she earned in 2010. Going beyond her undergraduate studies, she achieved her CA accreditation in 2014, marking her commitment to the highest professional standards in accounting.




With a career spanning over 6 years prior to her tenure at WMS, Rebecca brings a depth of expertise and practical knowledge to the table. Her work at WMS is characterised by a focus on capital gain transactions, where she adeptly handles aspects such as small business concessions, main residence exemptions, and the nuances of foreign residents’ transactions. Furthermore, Rebecca specialises in managing deceased estates and is proficient in tax effect accounting.


Rebecca’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to providing quality client service have made her a linchpin in the daily operations of WMS.

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