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Senior Accountant

Leiston Pickett

Leiston, a senior accountant with WMS, embarked on her journey with the firm in 2018. A proud alumnus of University of Southern Queensland, she graduated in 2019 and proceeded to showcase her commitment to professional excellence by achieving her CA certification in 2022, with academic merit in two subjects.


Before diving into the world of accounting, Leiston led an impressive 15-year career as a professional athlete. Her dedication and discipline in the pool saw her compete at elite levels, including the London Olympics Games, 3 Commonwealth Games (2010, 2014, 2018), World Championships and multiple other internal competitions. This unique blend of athletic determination and academic prowess makes Leiston stand out in her role.


Beyond her professional responsibilities, Leiston achieved our WMS Grab the Helm cultural award in 2023 and is actively involved in various initiatives at WMS, including the Wellness and WOT committees, reflecting her holistic approach to both work and life.


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