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A reality of life is that we all age and need to consider the transfer of family wealth in a tax efficient manner. We can assist you in developing a well structured estate plan and work collaboratively with your legal advisors and or financial planners to design the best pathway for you.

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A "Grand" achievement

At WMS, “partnerships for a lifetime” is both a commitment and a privilege. It drives what we do. For example, WMS and the Grand Hotel Group have been working together on the Gold Coast for more than 30 years. The group was the first client invoice ever issued by WMS and we are still going strong together today.

Here is what proprietor Jason O’Neill says about our relationship.

“Thanks to WMS’ meticulous understanding of our business operations, Grand Hotel Group has prospered. And their advice continues to be invaluable in determining our future strategy and planning.”

“The individual attention and communication enjoyed by our management promotes comfortable dialogue whenever required. The advice provided by WMS is always easily understood, and it keeps us abreast of changing information and developments in legislation, technology and other areas applicable to our specific business. This enables the Grand Hotel Group to stay ahead of the competition and remain proactive.”

“Without hesitation, the Grand Hotel Group would recommend WMS based on their professional skills and staff, embrace of technology, communication, and their understanding of specific business challenges.”

— Jason O’Neill, Proprietor, The Grand Hotel, Gold Coast



What we do best

01/ Superannuation strategies
02/ Tax effective structuring
03/ Cashflow management
04/ Asset protection
05/ Estate planning
06/ Acquisition of assets

At WMS we use our collective expertise to advise, guide and help meet your challenges, so that you can realise your potential and maximise your opportunities.


We partner with you rather than for you and seek to agree mutual commitments to ensure we are always on the same page.


Our promise is to keep asking the right questions and listen to your answers until we are sure we understand your dreams and concerns and make them our focus.


Where possible, we embrace agreed fixed fees and timelines to provide you and WMS the comfort that there will be no surprises.


Meet our leadership team

Our partners are not just experts in their fields, they drive the personalised and proactive service that WMS offers to our clients. As a result, we understand your goals, build deep and trusting relationships, and make a difference that matters to you and your business.

Having previously used 2 big 4 firms, WMS is the first firm who has taken a proactive approach to providing tax advice based on a strong understanding of the law and my business. Stephen thinks about my business and comes up with practical solutions whist being conscious of keeping costs to the right area. Caely is really good as was her predecessor. Great response time. Both get back to us really quickly. Does not seem to have to go through channels with resulting high bill like bigger firms. All audits have gone smoothly. My accounts people are really comfortable.
Scott G.
I receive exceptional service from WMS. David says it as it is without sugar coating. He is thorough, picks up on small things in the accounts and explains things well. They are honest; I know that I am not going to get a tap on the shoulder. I get a quick response on any queries and can get hold of David or he calls back. I get value for money.
Jason O.
WMS is a progressive and innovative firm. I welcome the interaction of ideas and ability to bounce ideas and strategy. It is an advantage to sit down with David and create scenarios for my business as he is a very lateral, logical, clear thinker. They employ good people. I have not come across anyone that I am not happy with.
Geoff S.
Ben is great to work with. He comes across as someone who genuinely enjoys what he does (being an accountant) and is always excited to talk about accounting stuff (I like that). We trust his judgment. He is across what we are doing. Well supported by his team who are responsive and quick to come back to us. Good sized firm for business of our size. You get good advice.
Andrew Q.
Stephen is one of 2-3 top advice guys in my life. Value his opinion. Helped me not step over the line through good times and bad. Keeps it simple. Never not listens to feedback. Never quibbled over fees (he has done too well for me). Have on occasion asked him to bill me more.
Randolph I.
David took the time to understand who I am and what my needs are then tailored solutions specifically for me. I feel like he has a vested interest in my business and that I am not just another number which is important to me. I have a large degree of confidence in the support I receive. It’s the personal touch which makes a difference.
Duane W.
We are very happy with the level of service we receive. We get on very well. Not a word out of place in time dealing with David and the firm. Never a hesitation in coming back to me with answers to queries. Also very comfortable with all people working for David. They are very approachable and predictable (no surprises) which makes us very comfortable).
John E.
WMS are more than straight accountants. They understand me, what motivates me and my tolerance for risk and then factor that into their advice which they proactively provide. They remember more about my affairs than I do. It is more than just a professional relationship. Not inexpensive but as with anything in life you get what you pay for. They save me more money than they cost me.
Michael P.

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