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Chief Operating Officer

Justin Wowk

Justin holds the esteemed position of Chief Operating Officer at WMS, boasting an impressive track record that spans more than a decade. Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University in 2009, he further augmented his academic credentials by becoming a Chartered Accountant and completing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. Prior to his joining WMS in 2011, Justin had already chalked up four years in the accounting industry.


In his tenure with WMS, Justin has risen through the ranks with his dedication and exceptional acumen earning him respect and numerous accolades. Justin has been voted winner of a series of WMS cultural awards, namely One Team, Fresh Eyes, Shoot Straight, and the prestigious Grab the Helm award, which he’s won twice.


Further demonstrating his commitment to the firm and its ethos, Justin has volunteered for various roles at WMS, serving both as a WOT committee member, a Fathom champion, and joint MAS/AST software champion. Moreover, his role in the security committee showcases his attention to ensuring a secure environment for the firm’s operations.


In 2022 Justin was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of WMS where he is able to use his combined accounting, planning and analysis skills to ensure the firm is current with ever-changing industry practices.


Justin’s dedication to WMS makes him an indispensable asset to the firm and a leading light for many in the industry.

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